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We create an event targeted at people who use Big Data in practice in their daily work. We want to share knowledge and exchange experience in shaping scalable and distributed computing solutions. The main idea behind the conference is to promote knowledge and experience in designing and implementing tools for the analysis of big data volumes.

Playing an active role in the BigData world, we can see that a big technical conference focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience in this field is needed in Poland. The aim of the conference is to create a synergy between businesses, focused on the creation and implementation of Enterprise class solutions, and experience and knowledge of academic environment. The Data Science is a great example showing this is currently possible.


Centrum Stocznia Gdańsk

The Conference will be held in the post-industrial venue of the CSG Centrum Stocznia Gdańska. The event activities will cover the area of 1,000 m2. Two lecture rooms, workshop space and exhibition space will be available.

Date of the conference




Hadoop Application Development

Creation of distributed computing solutions using Hadoop framework. Architecture, implementation and testing of software based on a cluster or a distributed system of files. Creation of ETL processes and reporting systems.

Technologies: Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR), Talend, Spark, Scala, Avro, Sqoop, Flume, Ozie, Pig, HBase, Hive, Impala ...

Hadoop Administration

Management and administration of clusters based on BigData technologies. In this subject, we focus on issues related to the installation and maintenance of advance cluster solutions (installation, configuration, decomposition and update of the cluster). This cycle also touches upon the methods of automating maintenance processes within the cluster.

Technologies: Cloudera Manager, Ambari, Cloudera Director, Chef, Puppet, Cloudera Altus..

Data Science, Analytics and Reporting

Data analysis systems using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Creation and optimisation of analytically sophisticated solutions. Methods of modelling and verifying developed solutions.

Technologies: H20.ai, Python Anaconda, SAS, SPSS, WPS, Mahout, R ...

Real-Time Processing

Real-time processing of data going to a cluster. This form of data analysis enables an immediate response to any generated activity. It is not only about the activity generated by users themselves, but also about devices communicating with each other within the IoT standard.

Technologies: Spark, Storm, Kafka..

Hadoop in business

Business application of Big Data tools. Typical using case studies showing why the world of big data wins the market all over the world. Pros and cons of solutions in terms of efforts and costs related to the implementation and maintenance of such environments. Reference to commercial vs. open-source technologies.

Hadoop in R&D centers

Cluster solutions in R&D centres. One of the examples is the use of the platform for computing in grant-funded activities at technical universities. We show how a cluster may be used for advance computing and modelling.


  • Łukasz Grala

    Data Scientist as a Service

    Data Architect in TIDK - Data Scientist as a Service. PhD in Computer Science at Poznan University of Technology in the field of data mining and machine learning. Since 2010 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the Data Platform category. Certified Microsoft Trainer, has for years all Microsoft certifications in data analysis, BI and Big Data. Speaker at numerous national and international conferences. Data Community Leader (formerly PLSSUG), member of the PTI board of the Wielkopolska Region.
  • Michał Żyliński


    During past 10 years Michal was working closely with Polish start-up community, supporting local Microsoft partners and ignited first Microsoft Azure-based projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Nowadays he helps customers identify business value for small and big data alike.
  • Gaspar Balazs


    Balázs Gáspár is a Sales Engineer at Cloudera, covering the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He evangelizes Big Data solutions in the region, helps customers identify use-cases and find the right technical solution to turn their data into business value. Balázs has eight years international pre-sales experience in enterprise IT solutions.
  • Jakub Nowacki


    Jakub is University of Bristol graduate where he obtained PhD in Engineering Mathematics. On the daily basis he utilizes his analytical and development skill working as (Big) Data Scientist. He is mostly interested in distributed processing and analysis of big data sets. Jakub originally has C/C++ background but currently works mostly in Java, Scala and Python.
  • Mirosław Walukiewicz


    Miroslaw Walukiewicz is a Solution Architect in Intel working on defining use-cases for FPGA inside DataCenter. He spent 22 years working in different companies (Crosscomm, Olicom, Intel) on accelerating DataCenter workloads focusing mainly on computer networking and Network Function Virtualization.
  • Lukasz Cmielowski


    PhD, is a Automation Architect and Data Scientist in IBM with a track record of developing enterprise-level applications that substantially increases clients' ability to turn data into actionable knowledge.
  • Claudio Villar


    Claudio Villar has more than 10 years of experience in the Software Industry working for companies like IBM, Samsung and now Senior Product Manager for Automation initiatives at AirHelp. His areas of interest cover Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering, Software Product Lines, Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Computing and Machine Learning. His talk will cover the basic aspects Machine Learning and how such knowledge can be applied to real life products.
  • Mateusz Kurleto


    Matt Kurleto is a tech entrepreneur that founded Neoteric. Software development company that helps customers leverage the digital transformation by building cloud services. Since 2015 Neoteric spun-off 3 startups raising pre-seed rounds from Inventity Foundation and FerberVC.
  • Jakub Dąbkowski


    Marketing Automation expert combining technological and programming knowledge with marketing and sales objectives. Currently, CTO of Avaus Poland where his goal is creating IT team supporting Swedish and Finnish Marketing Automation implementations. In his daily work he uses complex tools from the biggest companies such as Adobe Campaign + Adobe Marketing Cloud and Marketo. Graduate of Theoretical Physics at University of Gdańsk.
  • Maciej Bussler


    Over ten years of experience in the design and construction of data processing systems based on commercial ETL platforms. Currently working as an Architect in Acxiom.
  • Wojciech Pituła

    Nordea Bank

    I'm Scala developer fascinated by functional programming, currently solving BigData problems for Nordea Bank. In my free time, I write even more software, go to conferences and try to contribute back to open source.
  • Mariusz Liksza


    I graduated from the Financial Mathematics at Gdansk University of Technology and Computer Science and Econometrics at University of Gdansk. I'm interested in statistics and machine learning. By creating solutions I want to combine the power of mathematics with the current solutions from Big Data world. Currently Solutions Developer at Acxiom, dealing with the processing of large data sets for big US clients. On weekends lecturer at Postgraduate Studies in Data Science at Gdansk University of Technology. Privately, passionate about new technologies, mainly from the IT industry.
  • Tomasz Sosiński


    I am a programming enthusiast partial to functional programming and Scala with expertise in R and Python; fascinated by data (big and fast) and the ability to tell stories with information utilizing JavaScript. I utilize the whole set of technologies to bring the data experience from Hadoop clusters to your desktops. While searching for new challenges, I meander from rendering infographics on front-end to core data transformations. Photography lover, eager biker and a huge fan of Asaf Avidan.
  • Tomasz Szczechura

    Grupa Wirtualna Polska

    IT specialist by profession, education and passion. In GWP since 2011. Currently team leader of Data Systems team. He deals with the administration of the company's most valuable assets - Data Bases and Big Data.
  • Wit Jakuczun

    WLOG Solutions

    Founder and owner of a consulting company WLOG Solutions that is a strategic partner in R based large scale analytics. In company responsible for translating customer needs to mathematics and vice versa. Have 11+ years of experience in delivering predictive, simulation and optimization models.
  • Maciej Godek

    Functional programming expert

    Maciej Godek is a philosopher and a programmer. He believes that programming is as essential to participating in the culture of the XXI century as reading and writing was in the XX century. In his spare time, he works on a game that trains programming skills, and that is also a platform for the development and application of Artificial Intelligence methods. In his battle against the Babel tower of programming languages, he recently wrote "A Pamphlet against R", available (CC-BY-SA) from https://panicz.github.io/pamphlet
  • Piotr Czarnas


    Piotr has over 16 years of experience as a software architect and a manager. His main area of expertise is solution architecture design and the internals of database engines. He has designed the architecture of Querona, a data virtualization engine. Piotr's daily activities are focused on helping companies utilize Big Data platforms for data analytics and Business Intelligence. He works with Apache Spark and various database engines on a daily basis.
  • Michał Adamski


    I’ve been directly involved in end-to-end BI solution development and governance throughout my career. I am especially passionate about bringing business closer to data, and simplifying and enhancing business and IT collaboration.
  • Tomasz Żukowski


    Tomasz gained his experience during his work in logistics, medical services and IT (consumer apps). As a data analyst he was building reports by means of Microsoft Excel and VBA. He has been working with SQL and Python. Currently he is taking care of analyzing Big Data by using Hadoop ecosystem, Python and R. As a hobby, he enjoys taking part in Kaggle competitions.
  • Piotr Krewski


    Piotr Krewski has extensive practical experience in writing applications running on Hadoop clusters as well as in maintaining, managing and expanding Hadoop clusters. At Spotify, he was part of the team operating arguably the biggest Hadoop cluster in Europe. He is a co-founder of GetInData where he acts as architect and engineer helping companies with building scalable, distributed architectures for storing and processing big data. Piotr serves also as Hadoop Instructor delivering GetInData proprietary trainings for administrators, developers and analysts working with Big Data solutions.
  • Agnieszka Potulska


    Software engineer with strong mathematical background. Graduated in Computer Science as well as Applied Mathematics from Gdańsk University of Technology. Currently working at Intel Datacenter Group, where her main areas of focus include data acquisition and analytics pipelines.
  • Piotr Tylenda


    Software Engineer at Intel specializing in microservice architecture and data mining, graduated in Computer Science from Gdańsk University of Technology and University of Gdańsk. Passionate about big data technologies and DevOps.



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All around the world the post-industrial areas are becoming the places where the most impressive pieces of architecture are erected and prestigious business, entertainment and art events are hosted.


The magnificent building 89A stands right in the middle of downtown Gdansk, near the famous Solidarity Square. It is a gem among the post-industrial architecture of Europe. U-boots were manufactured here before World War II, but later it has been used for peaceful purposes only. In the middle of 2004 it was called Centrum Stocznia Gdanska (Gdansk Shipyard Centre) and became the seat of the European Culture and Education Centre.



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